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          Our experienced in-house design team, led by a professional engineer, has the capability to design a fire sprinkler system based on your unique needs. Using CAD our engineers take the architectural drawings and develop a fire sprinkler protection system. Further, our engineers are well versed in fire protection codes and ensure that each system is designed according to code.

          After the system is designed and approved, fabrication of the system can begin. Fabrication of the fire protection system takes place at Castle Fire's own manufacturing facility. Having our own manufacturing facilities allows us to fabricate the system in a timely manner at a low cost. At our facility we use some of the most advanced equipment in the industry for cutting, threading, grooving, and welding. Further, we take the necessary quality control measures to ensure your fire protection system is of the highest quality.

          Once the system is fabricated it is shipped to the construction site for installation. Members of Sprinkler Fitters Unions #696, #669, and #692 do all of our installation work. These individuals are trained professionals and experts in their field. They use their knowledge and expertise to ensure your fire sprinkler protection system is installed quickly and accurately.

          An integral component of our services is testing. After the installation is completed, the fire sprinkler system is tested to ensure functionality. The sprinkler system is hydrostatically tested at the appropriate psi level for the necessary amount of time. The psi level is monitored to ensure that there is no loss of pressure and consequently, no leaks in the system. Additionally, a fire alarm test is conducted, in conjunction with the electrician, in order to determine that the alarm system is functioning properly.

          An often overlooked aspect of fire protection is the need to periodically inspect the fire protection system. When was the last time your buildings fire protection system was inspected? Periodic inspections are necessary to stay in accordance with fire protection codes as well as to ensure that the fire protection system is functioning properly. Additionally, inspections may reveal areas of the system that need repair or maintenance, allowing you to avoid costly problems in the future. Castle Fire Protection is capable of meeting all of your inspection needs. If your building needs its' fire protection system inspected give us a call at (973) 328-2710 to schedule an inspection.

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